It was not quite a year ago, when I bought my first E reader,  a Kobo Vox. I liked the idea of a colour display, being able to read the reader at night, since it supplied its own light. It also allowed me to read email, kind of surf the web, and had a ton of free apps. There was no printed matter describing how to use this thing. It was only available on-line, and it was quite vague when describing how to download books from the library.

At the start I had trouble with the first one, it just gave up after a few days and would not start. I returned it to Indigo, and traded it in for another of the same thing. To make a long story short, my idea was to not buy books as the Kobo reader was wanting, but to be able to borrow epub books from the library. I had been assured it was possible. It was, but it took a long time to get it done. Almost a couple of weeks of emails and phone calls, some to Kobo and some with our library.

All went pretty well for some time until the mighty Kobo failed again, and on the advice of the Kobo people, I was able to do a forced restart, which actually reloaded the original program into the reader. Doing this resulted in having to update the reader software, and that was OK too. Everything went along reasonably well, I could again download books, and read them.

Then I was reading about the new tablets that were arriving on store shelves. I got interested and finally bought a Samsung Galaxy 2-7, powered by the Google Android system. The Kobo was powered by an older version of the Android system as well.

Joan likes to read and reads a lot, so I donated the old reader to her so that should she feel the need to read at 3:00 am she could do so and stay in bed. She no sooner started using it than it would not start, so we went the forced start routine, and got it going only to have it fail again. These failures were significant, since a restart resulted in a completely new version of the operating system, and at every start, it had to check for updates, and always found some, and this would happen three times. For each restart, we had to put all of the user information back into the unit, and every restart would lose it all. Finally we got it running! Hurrah!

Joanie read a bit and shut it down and it would not start the next day, so we repeated the procedures all over again, which took a couple of hours again. It ran for a few minutes, but quit after shutting it down.

So, here is the skinny, I paid $200.00 for the reader and $40.00 for a case for it. Total $240.00 plus tax and environmental fees. For that I got a lot of frustration, but I did read a few books some at 3:00 am even. The Galaxy cost me $240.00 plus $15.00 for a case plus the tax and environmental fees. It cost me a total of $255.00, and it is a much faster machine. It loads quickly, has about the same number of apps, has a front and back camera, a built-in microphone, long battery life, is lighter and a lot more, all for an extra $15.00. I love the little fellow.

The idea of a dedicated reader has come and gone. They are only starting now to offer night capabilities, they are often smaller, but do not offer colour. Folks they are a dead issue, and still cost over a hundred bucks, with colour costing close to $200.00. The tablet computer is taking over from them fast, and for good reason.

So if you are interested in this kind of thing, there are dozens of tablets around and some name brands sell for a reasonable dollar. Some more expensive models are either bigger at 10 inches, mine is 7 inches, and is just fine. Beware of some of the cheaper versions that come with an unknown brand name.

So, if you like to read, including at night, take a good look at what is available on Google. Open Google and search tablet computers, the choice is big. Features are often similar, so look for what you want, and enjoy not going to the library to get a book back to them on a cold, windy snowy day! You will have a mini computer, and a reader, all in one hand-held device!




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