It’s all over now, the AGM was last night and a new board has been chosen. It will be composed of three members of last years board, and two new members who have not served before. I was privileged to be married to the chair of the outgoing board, I am proud to say.

I agree that I am biased, but I think they did a wonderful job of looking after our community. When I was the maintenance committee chair, I was privileged to work with a number of boards, and in my opinion, the best ones were chaired by women! The women of whom I speak, know who they are, since we have spoken to them regarding this, on more than one occasion.

I am particularly proud of my wife Joan, We have been married for 56 years. We even renewed our vows on a cruise ship a few years ago! I am proud of Joan because she did such a great job. When we married and for years after that she was a very shy retiring person. Since moving to Dreamview, (SPGV) she has grown in stature. The balance of the board came together and operated as a team, delivering a board that was open, and addressed all issues promptly, and in writing as the situation required. I am proud of the board, but I think it was the leadership of Joan that made it all run so smoothly and in a cooperative manner.

I wish the new board has every success, in the coming year. The chair has not been elected as yet, but I have a feeling that our community will have another great year with the people who are on the new board.

This is really my only way, of publicly expressing my views on the past and future board, since our house organ, the Scuttlebutt has been squeezed down to a pale version of what it once was, unfortunately.

So folk, there you have it! My opinions on the past boards as I knew them, and my good wishes for the coming board in 2012 – 2013.



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