A long time ago, on November 26 of 2003, I posted 24 of my photos of a cruise we took to the Caribbean. This was my first posting of on-line photos. It was published on a program with the name of Webshots and they would post an album or so with a maximum of 24 images per album. They did this for free, and over time I put a total of 13 albums on-line for anyone to look at, or download if they liked what they saw. These albums all involved our travels of one kind or another. Usually they were albums of cruising, but Hawaii was also included, as were a couple of driving trips. It was a fun way to have people look at the pictures of where we had been.

Webshots was sold to a greeting card company about 5 years ago, and we were allowed to upload images that went over the 24 limit. Now I was sending up to 48 images.

The company has been sold again, or maybe I should say it has been renamed Webshots Smile. They are going to continue hosting, but they intend to charge, as near as I can tell. I have dropped out of the Webshots page, and it looks like I will be going with Google for a hosting site. It is free, but so far it has proven to be anything but simple. I will persevere.

But to let you know what happened over that 9 years. Webshots provided a weekly record of views, comments, and downloads, and I am proud to say that in that time, some 82,646 people viewed my photos, and thought they were worth downloading 3679 of them! The number of viewers varied week by week, but ranged from a low of 50 or so, to a couple of hundred. That was for over the whole time.

There was a time back around February of 2004, that an album of our trip to Hawaii was picked for the Album of the Week, and that album alone has had some 24950 viewers since then! 2461 photos have been downloaded as well. I got a lot of email from viewers about the photos and it was all good. Needless to say I had to continue posting albums, but that one was my greatest success.

I have uploaded one album onto Picasa at Google, but I am having a hard time finding out just how to publish the web site, I also intend to upload all the old albums, and some new ones. I will advise how to access the site when I find out how and will also keep my readers updated as to what I have posted on the site.



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