Just a bit of an update on what I found on a recent 3000 mile trip into the US with my 2012 Buick Verano.

As I put in my previous blog on the Verano, I am not a real fan of 4 cylinder engines. I have found them to be noisy, vibrate and tend to lack power. Well, a lot has taken place since I once drove some 4 cylinder engines. This one is 180 HP and it is not noisy, doesn’t vibrate, and thanks to a very nice 6 speed automatic, it has very good power.

We spent a lot of time in the mountains of Wyoming, and at times we were over 6000 feet. The car had loads of power considering that a car loses 3% of its horsepower for every 1000 feet of altitude. We were always able to accelerate up any mountain we came to. We also were on the Interstates a lot, and we cruised at 75 to 80 MPH all th time. The rating in miles per gallon for this car is 45 MPG highway. I got 39.75 MPG, and considering the terrain we were on, the speeds and the newness of the car, I consider that was pretty good.

Steering was excellent with the 18 inch wheels and tires, as was the braking. The automatic zoned air conditioning performed very well considering we got to 100 ° F one day. The visibility is great, the seating very comfortable, and the trunk is a breeze to load.

It is quiet, so much so that even at 75 MPH we could listen to the radio at normal listening levels. Road noise from the tires on the all-weather coatings still comes into the body, but the car is quieter than my Cadillac CTS! A lot quieter.

There are a lot of little things that contribute to a great ride in this car, but the mileage, quietness, comfort and performance all come together to make it a great buy.



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