If you missed the barbecue last night, you missed a good one. First of all, we had perfect weather, the food was good and the company was great. I had a great time as did everybody else judging by the smiles around the room.

Ok, it started from the fact that no barbecue was planned by the Social Committee, and some of the residents felt that there should be one. The Social Committee offered the opportunity to anyone who wanted to put one on. Fast forward to a few weeks back, during a weekly bridge game of four folks who brought up the no barbecue idea, and one of the players said we should do one. The idea got traction, and the next thing was some posters and tickets. The planning had begun.

Seventy tickets were sold, and there could have been more if the people who wanted tickets had adhered to the deadline. After the deadline the group was approached by some 6 or 7 people who were looking for a ticket. Personally, I don’t understand what part of deadline is so hard to understand!

The four people in the bridge game are Colleen Bowling, Irene Clark, Joan Perigoe, and Dalma Szekeres. These young ladies had a couple of short meetings, decided on a menu, a date for the event, and the overall format of how it was going to come together. They did it all themselves, with a bit of help from me, and Gary Soost who helped me with the cooking.

The weather could not have been better, it was warm, around 74 F and no wind and sunny! How good is that! Even though Happy Hour was designated at 5:30 people were arriving to stake out a spot before 5:15! Eager!  During Happy Hour, Fred Vonya, one of our residents displayed his musical talent and entertained the people with background music. Thank you Fred.

Before dinner was started, there was a kind of spot prize announced. Two chairs in the hall had a sticker under the seat, and everybody was asked to check under their seat and find the sticker, the winner was to collect a bottle of wine. Nice. Joan Cope was one of the lucky ones as was Ruth Jewison.

By now the barbecue is hot, and covered with smokies and Costco wieners. They didn’t take too long and soon the people were filling their plates with their choice of meat, coleslaw, all the usual condiments plus sauerkraut for those who wanted. Potato chips were available as was a punch, ice cream, a square, and coffee.

There was no 50-50 planned for tonight, with door prizes taking the place of the 50-50. The draws were made and the following people were drawn.
Andrea Bridle, won a $50.00 gift certificate to Safeway
Ron Morton, won a $50.00 gift certificate to Safeway
Gordon Packer, won two bottles of wine
Frances MacKinnon, won two bottles of wine
Jim Reardon, won a $25.00 gift certificate to M & M
Maud Grant, won a $25.00 gift certificate to M & M

Even though there were guests in the party, the prizes were all won by a resident, I think that is the first time that has happened.

Following that, eight games of “Card Bingo” were played and then it was time to go home.

My commentary goes as follows, it was a great party, done very will by a group of four bridge playing young ladies. The menu was excellent. The music was great, even though I was busy outside with the grill. Thanks to Mother Nature for her coming to the party with great weather.

Dalma Szekeres will be leaving our village in a few days. She has promised to come back if we have another BBQ. We will miss Dalma, she has made a contribution to our community over the years being on the board for a couple of years, and with the Social Committee for a number of years as well. I know I speak for the community when I wish you well in your new home. Do come back on occasion to play some bridge, visit, or enjoy a function in our community centre.


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