John Grisham has written a number of books now, and I have enjoyed many of them. One I read a while back was called “The Testament” and it dealt with the outcome of a hand written will. The concept was a bit outlandish as most novels are, but as it progressed, it all came together very nicely. Joan and I both thought it was one of the better Grisham books.

I have just been treated to another excellent book by Grisham. It is simply called “The Confession”. If it is not a novel about a fact, it is a novel certainly based on fact. It has to do with a young black man charged with murder in a small town in Texas, and the idea of capital punishment all over the US, but in particular in the state of Texas. I will not spoil it for anybody, but it starts off well, slows for a short time and becomes gripping as it nears the middle of the book. It stays that way to the end. I recommend both of these books. They are available as epub copies from the library, to read on an eReader. It is likely that they will also be available in print form.

There is another book, I read a while ago, called “Flyboys”. It was written by James Bradley. His father was one of the people who raised the American Flag on Iwo Jima after the invasion. His father was not a combatant, but a navy medic. I particularly enjoyed the early part of the book that deals with some of the history and causes of WW II, going back to just after the 13 colonies, when America was in an expansion mood. The WW II  flyboys were 5 US pilots shot down by the Japanese off a small island who were captured, and their ordeal following the capture and their treatment. A very good read if you are interested in the history of the Pacific war.

One more before I close this off. I have been a fan of a guy named Garrison Keillor for some time. I have caught his work on PBS TV and radio over the years. Mainly his work is about life in the fictitious town of Lake Wobegon. This book is called “Leaving Home”. The town is populated by immigrants from the Scandinavian countries. Each chapter is self-contained, and deals with what starts as a slow week in Lake Wobegon. Some chapters are hilarious, some are sad, and some are a mixture, like bittersweet. It is a great bedside read.



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