Ants, there are a lot of the pesky critters around these days. I have been getting them in the house on and off for a couple of years now. They only got into the basement, and 99% were in my workshop. I sealed all the openings I could find outside, but they still got in. After much looking, it turned out that when the person who was installing our original hose outside tap, was drilling the hole through the wall, he changed his mind and moved to another location. The problem was that he never sealed the original hole he had bored.

All of this was only through the exterior sheeting and Tyvec weather wrapping. It was all covered over with the brickwork! I did fill and caulk all the openings outside including around the hose bib, but they still found their way in. It took a while before I sealed off the extra pipe trace, and then it was nearly over.

There is a better way, I found out. There is a product that can be sprinkled around the foundation of the building, and the ants will die after crossing it. It was my final solution. It is called “Ant Out” and comes from Rona or any of the garden centers. It has worked well. Unfortunately it is destroyed if it gets wet, and must be replaced. It is only useful outside as well. It should not be used in the house.

Should you like to use something in the house, you can try “Ortho” “Home Defense Max”, sold as above by garden centers and Rona. I also used this product to stop the ants that had already come in the basement. It stopped them fast! I also sprayed the areas between the concrete wall and the lower wall sill plate. It has a residual action.

At the start of this years season, I had no more than a dozen dead ants, and they were trapped in the house over the winter, and were under the wood pile I have. So far I haven’t seen a one since I cleaned it all out again and sprayed it with the Ortho product, and sprayed the powder out side.

So there you have it. Got ants in your place, the above method will do the job for you. Corn meal and other “green organic type” fixes do not get it done, the critters only seem to thrive on the stuff.



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