Are you using or taking advantage of the many services offered by our public library? If not why not? it has to be the best bargain around. It is particularly great for those of us who have managed to reach an “age”! Living in Calgary and being of an age, you can get a Library Card for $10.00 or maybe a bit more now since I renewed my card.

Look at what you can get for your $10.00 however. The card is good for one year from the date you take it out. You will need to provide proof of residence, since living out-of-town will cost you an arm and a leg, and the Library wants to be sure you live here. Take care of your card, it is valuable, and you will be responsible for any charges on it.

Did you know that in addition to hard cover books, the library also offers pocket books, best sellers, compact music discs, (cd’s) DVD’s of recent movies, and DVD’s of all those English series offered on PBS. Available also are computer terminals on site where you can surf the web, even get your email!

The Library even subscribes to a goodly list of magazines, and newspapers. The magazines can also be taken out except for the latest edition. Audio books are also available.

You can go to the web page of the library (see the link below) and look up books or other material you might like to take out, and if it is not available, you can put a hold on it on-line, and the library will contact you when it is in the library at Signal Hill! How convenient is that!

You can borrow up to 99 items at a time, for a period of 3 weeks on most material. DVD’s are one of the few exceptions where the number you can borrow is limited and the borrowing time is one week. You can update the time on-line or on the phone from home if needed and that will save a trip to the library.

I have a KOBO Vox or what might be called an Ereader. I downloaded a third-party program called Overdrive Media Console, to the reader, and I can access the library for their vast collection of EPUB books. I can download up to 20 books and keep them for 21 days when they will automatically be returned. I don’t have to leave home to take out or return books. Unlike some Ereaders the KOBO Vox does not need an external light source at night to be able to read it. It is like a small TV screen.

All of this for a measly ten bucks, it has to be the greatest value in town, better than money from home without having to write for it!

To look at what the library offers on-line go to: The web site is worth a look. There is a lot of information available on it. Check out the links.




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