By now I’m sure we have all had time to read what I have come to call “The Scuttlebutt Digest”. It is after all simply one sheet of paper printed o both sides. I am also sure that everyone appreciates the old calendar page that is now conveniently posted on the bulletin board in each apartment building and the clubhouse. The cost to include the calendar with the “Digest” would be less than $13.00 for the entire community, assuming that the cost per page is .07 cents a page. Sure do appreciate the economy ideals when I need to look at the “Community Calendar”. Go to the clubhouse with notebook in hand to take down the information, that I once had conveniently on my frig!

Somehow, somewhere the purpose and intent of the Scuttlebutt has been lost.

It was intended as a community newspaper, written in the community, covering community issues of interest to most members of the community. It may very well be that the happenings with the gardening committee were of no consequence to some, but others felt differently. I know that some people enjoyed the humour included whenever space permitted, and the winners listing was important certainly to the people who won!They miss this insert.  New residents, with a welcome message was appreciated as well. I have heard that some items submitted have been deliberately reduced in size to make sure the issue complies with the 2 page dictate. How sad!

The old paper was not perfect, by any means, and likely could be improved by somebody who was interested in producing a quality product instead of seeing just how cheap it can be done. Anybody with a computer can produce one of these newsletters in a very few hours each month. I did it for years and would be delighted to see it being done again, by someone who cared more about the product, not how cheap it can be done.

If there is somebody out there willing to do it, please step forward. It is fun, you meet people, and provide a great community service. I am sure the present editor would be delighted to pass the wand on to someone else.



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