It was only the other day that I wrote about how happy people seemed to live longer. I believe it is true. An item in the Calgary Herald a day or so later seemed to confirm this view.

So how does one stay happy anyway? Walking around with a silly grin is not the answer. You might just really be silly! No, it seems the answer lies in being around people, interacting with them. I see a lot of people in our community that never involve themselves with others and some but not all are truly gloomy! They are missing out on a lot of happiness by keeping themselves aloof from others. There a number of activities within our own immediate community where one can become involved. A short list could read like, The Social Committee, kitchen help for a couple of coffee parties a month, helping with the bottle recycling, watering a few plants in the community, looking after the guest suites. All of these activities will not take a huge amount of your time and will get you involved with others working to an end. There is more, but you get the idea.

The idea is to get out from behind the computer, and the TV and talk with people. None of these activities involve a lot of time and are no big deal, but one becomes part of it, and has a reason to get up in the morning and GOYA (Get Off Your A–) These small activities add up to a whole job done and you can feel good about that. Remember, it is better to a small part of something big, than to be a big part of nothing!

There are tons of opportunities to volunteer outside of our complex. I can suggest 3 where you would be most welcome. I have provided a link for you if you would like more information. I have also provided a link to an overall volunteer centre.

The Calgary Interfaith Food Bank feeds a huge number of needy families daily, and they are always looking for people to help. The work isn’t all that hard, has a numbero of seniors working there, and the time you spend there is flexible. Go to :

Another one you might like is Meals on Wheels. They offer nutritious meals to people shut in due to illness, or accident. You would deliver 2 meals a day to a client. It is a hot lunch and a cold one for dinner. You make one delivery for both meals. You get a fuel allowance. You can work one day a week or more. Or like some you can work one day a month. Check this link for more information.: This one would require you to submit to a police check. You will speak with a number of people that are very grateful for your visit. You may be the only person they see and say hello to all day.

I have worked for both of the above and found them both very easy to work with. You can even take a friend with you, and go out for lunch after. Another one I have worked at is the Calgary Public Library. One library I worked at in the evenings was in the Westbrook area, and I helped people write resumes since I knew how to use MS Word. The people I was trying to assist however knew more about resumes than I did! You can work at our Signal Hill branch if they offer something to suit you. I did some work there teaching people how to use the computers and access the Internet, and use email. But they have other needs as well. Check them out at:

For a broader selection of places that you might fit in, check: and check the link to volunteer opportunities. They are connected to a much broader spectrum of agencies that are all looking for people.

I quote again the thought that “It is better to be a small part of something, than a large part of nothing”!


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