I got an unexpected call yesterday, from the daughter of a friend of mine. He and I had worked together since we met at GM back in the mid fifties! He had a similar job to mine until he decided to go retail and we kind of lost contact. A few years ago, I got a call from him, and we renewed our old friendship. We have stayed in touch since then. The call was to tell me that he had died, of a rare form of cancer that was untreatable, and that he had lived only a month after being diagnosed. I am going to miss him.

You had to know Doug to appreciate him. He was 83 when he died, but as I understand it, he was OK until the end. He was a happy guy! He always was upbeat, had a smile, worked hard, always had a joke for you.  We got along very well. Do you know what he did on his last birthday? He wanted to take the family to a water slide park for the day, and go for a nice dinner afterward. The year before, they all went to a go kart park near Vancouver for some adult go kart racing! These cars are able to get over 80 K. Not bad for a retired old 82 year old! He was always into cars and car racing.

My point I suppose is this. He was always a happy person, and that ties into what I read recently in the Herald that happy people live longer. Obviously they enjoy life more as well. One doesn’t have to look too far from our own complex to realize that this is pretty true. Most of our old timers are a happy lot, seldom complaining, but smiling and carrying on. These are the people I enjoy being around, grouchy, whiny and complaining will send me running for a smile. For me, life is short enough without having to listen to a pile of complaints. Everybody has problems, but it is how you look at and handle those troubles that sets you apart. Smile and try to be happy, and people around you will respond in a similar manner. The complainers will simply drag you down and make you feel unhappy too. Thank you very much, but I vote for the happy people!

I picked up this saying while I was in Hawaii, and thought it was so appropriate. “After you die, things don’t mourn you, people do”


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