Today is the June 20, the first day of summer! Or so they would have you believe anyway. It has been an awfully wet spring and it is going to be wet again today. It is going to be wet for the rest of the week, in fact, if we can believe David Spence! It has been cold and wet for far too long, but then again, June seems to always be wet and cold. This spring has certainly been wetter than normal according to the Herald weather almanac.

The birds don’t seem to know about all this however. My feeder is now looking after the needs of a small group of sparrows that have fledged already. They all left the nest a couple of days ago. They still sit and wait for mom and dad to feed them. They actually have a shaking,  cowering routine they go through to get the parents attention and of course the food. Soon they will be on their own, and the parents will be looking after a brand new brood.

One of the joys of our short summer in Alberta is the opportunity to go for a walk around our own village and view the results of the work done by David Tidd and his small group of gardeners. This in no way takes away from the work done by a lot of the villa owners, who have devoted a lot of their time and money into making their place look great.

With all the rain we have had, there is little need to water right now, what we need is some warm dry weather to bring the plants along. We should be fine by July when the warm sets in and the weather stabilizes. In the meantime, be sure to get out and view the flowers. Bring along your camera, and get a few shots of our place in all its glowing colour.

I have included a number of pictures of our properties, in particular some of the villa gardens. I have included one or two of plants in pots on entries, that look good. There is even one with a lot of potted plants on a 3000 deck. They all are looking good.

So folks, get out, walk and enjoy the beauty of our very short summer. I’ll try to update this again in a few weeks, and include new pictures of the flowers and trees.



Central Park Garden

Mike Yakimishyn garden

Jean Hardy garden

David Tidd garden

Jim & Joanne Webber garden

3000 apartment deck

Monica Chaput garden

Norma Zloty front steps

Norma Zloty front entry

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  1. David Tidd says:

    I agree 100 0/0,as long as I can hoist the Union Jack (at a slightly lower elevation).

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