It is getting so that I fear opening the paper each day, because I know that I will find a letter or article that will just about bring steam out of my ears. Every day we read of things like getting paid for work not done or being rewarded for substandard work. It is getting worse every day, the most recent was the money paid to the Alberta Health brass for substandard performance. Where I worked, this kind of performance would lead to a discussion and if things failed to improve, I would go off into the sunset!

Recently, an article appeared in the Herald that the Federal office designed to provide assistance to our military veterans, had provided bonus packages in the amount of $12,000.00 on average to some employees. Remember that this office is tasked with the responsibility of advising returning and other veterans of programs available and assisting therm with getting their benefits. For some reason, probably because it is a bureaucratic organization, they often failed to deliver the programs or the help. For this reason, they were given the bonus cheque!

If you think for a moment that our veterans do not need help, I suggest that you consider the money collected by the Poppy Fund is often used to supplement rents and operate a food bank for those without enough to live on! This seems to me to be a very shabby way to treat our returning military who went off and put their lives on the line so that the rest of us could stay home and enjoy our lifestyle.

So here we have a government bureau giving a bonus to people for not doing what they were getting paid to do. At the same time there are members of the retired military making pleas to our government to provide for the welfare of our men and women who have served and have returned home. Some of these people have lost limbs, and some will suffer from PTDS, (Post Traumatic Distress Syndrome). These people who have served in the wars have seen some terrible things that will stay with them for life. Some of these folks will never find gainful work ever again, and the people who are supposed to be helping them, are getting a bonus for ignoring them.

As a nation, we can do a lot better for our vets. What we have here is a disgrace.

If you agree, you can always write or email your MP with your questions as to why this situation exists. To find your MP, click on the site below and you will be taken to the email address of every one of our elected MP’s.


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