I just got rid of my old CTS Cadillac and I now own a 2012 Buick Verano. My kids took the CTS.

First of all it is a 4 cylinder car, and I am not a fan of these and even though I have owned a few, I was still not a fan. They are noisy, vibrate like the dickens and have little power to pull the Alberta and BC hills. We lose 3% of the horsepower for every 1000 feet of elevation, so in Calgary we lose some 10% of our power at our 3400 feet of elevation! It is noticeable, believe me.

This Buick forces me to rethink all that. It has 180 horsepower from a 2.4 L engine, gets 45  MPG, has no vibration and it is quiet! Combined with the 6 speed automatic, it does very well. In fact if I had not known it was a 4 cylinder, I would have taken for granted it was a V6. I will go further, and say that it is the quietest car I have ever driven! There is a little bit of tire noise, but that is all!

The car was built for me as I ordered it, and did not include the optional paint, the optional 18 inch wheels, nor the optional GPS system.

It is very well equipped, with ON Star, XM Radio, heated leather seating, Dual Zone automatic Climate control. a 7 inch screen for Blu tooth, a heated steering wheel, and so on. I love it. The visiblilty is great, the ride is great, it handles very well.

The trunk is a cubic foot bigger than the CTS! The seating area is bigger in the front than the CTS, and I think the leather seats are more comfortable! It also has 10 air bags!

Take a look at the various videos of the car at the Verano Site below, the videos are very good. You can price or build one on line and see what you get for what you would like to pay.


My car is the chocolate interior, in leather, with the light silver exterior.

Including freight, and PDI it was a lot less than $31,000! My CTS topped out at over $56,000.00 when I bought it new! I think the Verano is great value, and while it is built on the Cruze platform, it has more and better options and a bigger engine standard!



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