The other day I got an email from a friend that expressed a viewpoint that has been around for some time now. I have gotten it myself from others and likely you have as well. If not this specific one, it would have been similar. The one I have in mind is the one that relates how much money is given by the Canadian Government to immigrants, and that it is so much more than we provided in care for our own elderly and so on.

It is so unfair and was created I presume for the purpose of attempting to put immigrants in an unfavorable light. This particular one is easy to put to rest, since the Canadian Government has all the correct information on its own web page. The information is on the attached web page, fourth item down. Click on it for what the real numbers are. Feel free to check other myths about immigrants on other links.

I have provided another web page where you can test the validity of claims made in emails and web pages. about 90% of the stuff you will get, is an urban myth or untrue. To check any of these supposedly “true” claims, go to Snopes, at this link and type you query into the search window at the top of the page. You will nearly always get an answer to your question.

There are other sites you can use, such as Truth or Fiction at Or of the many others out there, you could also try this one. Urban legends at

You can click on each of these links and be taken to the home page. You can then, bookmark these sites for easy retrieval should you so desire. You can even put these or any other hoax site you use in its own folder in your bookmarks.

If you so desire, you can send this page to a friend for their use as well.

The point here is that just because it is on the web or in a friends email, does not make it true. There are hundreds of “myths”, “Urban Legends”, and “Old Wives Tales” that are utter nonsense on the web, that you do not want to perpetuate. To do so, will make you, the sender of this junk and you will look foolish to the people you send it to, when it is so easy to check first.

Happy computing!


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