I got a phone call this afternoon regarding my comments and opinion of the Social committee lack of events for our summer. It seems their leader was somewhat upset with me not calling her and pointing out my views, and she objected to my comment on how many people it would take to do a barbecue.

Fair enough, I suppose, but it got me thinking of some of the history of our social committees. Now I know some of the grey cells do not respond as well as they once did, but my memory is pretty clear on what happened at the end of the previous committee’s tenure.

Prior to their giving it over to a new group, there had been talk around that the committee got second and third hand of course, that some folks were not too happy with the way things were being done. “It was the same old, same old”. “There was nothing new”. “The committee needed new ideas”. and so on. Funny thing these people who complained never had a name, but it was known who they were.

Maybe the people were right, a new committee might do a better job for the community, so the old committee folded their tents and opened the doors to the new group. The new group consisted of one carry over person, and a slate of new people. Some of the people who had complained were actually on the new committee! See, we did know who some of them were.

So, what did we get for all that? Two coffee parties and some kind of an event for most of the months. Sound familiar? Guess what, it was the “Same old, Same old”, but there was a difference. Maybe you never picked up on it but I did. Where we had promotions in the Scuttlebutt, there was a whole line in an abbreviated Social Report that described the coming event. It did nothing to stir any emotion in me, but I went anyway. One other little thing I noticed right away, never once were the members of the hard-working kitchen crew, mentioned by name in the Scuttlebutt! Sure they were mentioned as a group at the coffee party itself, kind of like preaching to the choir!

Recently the committee, in all fairness did sponsor the politicians running in the provincial election. I think this was a good public service move on their part. Speakers have never gone over that well in here, but maybe we would have a better turnout at the coffee parties where the candidate spoke. Here again promotion was out there, but not in quantity as is needed. The turnout could best be described as our usual or less. Maybe Dreamview just doesn’t like politicians.

So what has happened in the 18 months or so that is the “New and Improved”committee we were expecting? Well. it looks like only one coffee party for May, and no events. June? I can’t remember. July, the Stampede Party, and it should be well attended, but there are no coffee parties! There is no events planned for the summer. We have enjoyed some of the best attendance to our barbecues. I have done 125 burgers for one barbie!

So, in my opinion, and in the opinion of some others I have spoken with, the new and improved is not as much as the same old, same old.


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